For three generations the Månsson family has been active in scaffolding. We have been involved in facade work, industrial construction, offshore scaffolding, renting and distribution for various international brands.

Today MonZon is the brand name of one of our companies that works globally with development, marketing and sales of innovative scaffolding systems.

With the NO LIMIT™ and PROTECT IT™ systems MonZon stands out as one of the most innovative and complete developers and suppliers of scaffolding systems in the world.

The passion to improve and create the best scaffolding systems possible shines through in the detailed work and innovative solutions.


Our mission is to provide the best possible scaffolding having in mind both the company owning it and the worker using it!

For Scaffolders,
By Scaffolders.

As our slogan suggests, MonZon has the understanding and technical know-how in the scaffolding handling and mounting process, because we are a company experienced in using scaffolding, not only designing and selling them.

This means we understand the difficulties of the worker and we strive to provide the safest and easiest to handle systems.


Our auto-locks are just one of the keys to our successful systems!

The auto-locks eliminate extra parts which are time consuming to assemble and often include screws and nuts which are easily dropped, lost and are dangerous to the whole scaffolding if not installed properly.

When working with our systems all you need is to hear the metal *cling* sound and push-pull the part to make sure it stays in place – we did the job for you!

WE save YOU money

Less parts = less weight = less fuel = happy planet. Same goes for the materials we chose – the aluminum we use is much lighter than steel, which makes it easier to carry and it holds for a decade.

This is how, we care for your workers’ wellbeing, making their job safer and faster, save you money on labour hours and allow you to deliver projects faster.

We simply want to do the best for everyone, including the environment and we never stop evolving!

certified Scaffold

Swedac ISO certified

We are quality & environmentally certified for the latest ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. 

The quality management system is applicable to development and sales of scaffolding systems, mobile weather protection systems as well as arena & grandstand solutions.